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Dear Mariana, thank you so much for the happiness you gave to our family. Thanks for the magical moment - the birth of our little girl. You are my favourite doctor. Wishing you good luck!

Mary T., Fashion Model

Thanks a lot to Astar Medical. We really appreciate Dr. Starikov for taking care of my wife and our baby. I have a son! I'm extremely happy. It was such a long waited event. You are truly professional.

Egor D., The happiest dad

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We deliver your family, from our skilled hands to your loving arms. Sharing the joy of new life is our job. Our practice is dedicated to the Healthcare of Women and provides complete Obstetrical and Gynecologic services.

With Dr. Starikov’s easy-going personality and genuine listening skills, he immediately puts patients at ease. Dr. Starikov is also dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of OB/GYN care in a friendly and caring office environment.
Dr. Albert Starikov

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