Laser treatment of hyperpigmentation

Advanced Fluorescent Light Technology (AFT) for skin rejuvenation

Advanced Fluorescent Light Technology (AFT)

Skin rejuvenation and wonderful therapeutic effect by using the next generation technologies

Sunbathing accelerates the process of aging. As the result of high levels of sun exposure, pigmented lesions effect much many people of all ages. This is the sign of so-called photoaging process. Fortunately, there is a chance to significantly slow down the process and even reverse it.

ASTAR Medical Group offers its patients AFT rejuvenation, a cutting-edge technology of restoring the skin's natural beauty.

Hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin disappear after a course of AFT treatment. The skin looks fresh and its texture and tone are improved.

AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is based upon a selective high intensity light source which converts ultraviolet and other short wavelengths into more usable spectra of visible light. This transformation is achieved by the use of the fluorescent filters.

AFT therapy is non-invasive procedure, which allows to achieve great results without surgery and injections under the skin. AFT improves photo damaged skin with hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and no-down time. For this therapy ASTAR Medical Group uses HARMONY XL device.

AFT therapy is performed by the best and experienced specialists of ASTAR Medical Group who are able to find an approach to every patient. Please contact us and we will make your skin looking fresh and beautiful and you will feel young.

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Hyperpigmentation treatment using AFT

The advantages of the AFT hand-pieces for pigmented lesions removing:

The procedure is completely painless

Visible improvement is achieved with no discomfort.

There are no side effects

AFT is a highly efficient treatment of irregular skin pigmentation

A session lasts about 30 minutes

The duration of the procedure is significantly reduced due to the luminous flux strengthening without weighting the power.

The procedure helps to reproduce newer, younger looking skin

AFT stimulates the growth of collagen

Visible improvement is achieved with little discomfort and non-invasive

AFT Photo Rejuvenation is a great opportunity to achieve wonderful results without plastic surgery or injections.

There is no physical downtime

Pigmented lesions can be successfully lightened or removed with Advanced Fluorescent Light Technology (AFT) that delivers a series of gentle pulses to the skin non-invasively. A short wavelength light effects on the elements of the dermis. It stimulates the secretion of collagen and restore the natural balance of the dermis, increases metabolism and microcirculation, tightens pores and reduces the oiliness of the skin.

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